Registry Purifier

Registry Purifier 1.1

Registry Cleaner

Registry Purifier is an application tool that maintains and cleans up your computer's Registry. It is a safe way to clean up your Registry and remove unused entries fast and effectively.

You do not need to manually clean your Registry every now and then because Registry Purifier does this automatically upon start up. It will cause your computer to boot up faster, lessen hard disk usage and make your system more stable.

With just a few mouse clicks, Registry Purifier is ready to quickly clean up your hard disk. You only need to set this application up once. There are two scanning modes for this program: regular scan for fast scans and quick fixes of common registry problems and deep scan which is slower but searches the whole registry for invalid and broken entries.

All registry modifications are stored in backup files you can easily restore at any given time. Automatic registry cleaning upon start up is included as an option.